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NameDescriptionLast commit

arch-packagesSoftware Packages (Arch Linux)2023-08-19
bin-pubPublic ~/bin2024-04-12
clean-browsersRun browsers with a clean and isolated profile2023-07-29
dotfiles-pubPublic dotfiles2024-04-06
explainExplain commands using ASCII art2023-08-26
feednotifyAtom/RSS to E-Mail2023-06-24
gitaryA simple diary using Git as its backend2023-08-26
gophcatchA "Feed Reader" for the Gopher Space2023-08-26
highcalPrint a calendar, optionally highlight dates2023-04-19
html-indexHTML index with thumbnail generation2024-03-30
http-collectQuickly send files from your phone to your computer2023-03-06
jennytwtxt client that stores twts in a maildir2024-04-01
list-filesLike ls(1), lots of personal preference2024-03-30
mymenuInteractive full-screen menu for your text console2021-09-19
overqemuRun QEMU/KVM VMs using temporary overlay hard disk images2024-03-30
padmepassmenu-like wrapper for pass, just a little different2024-01-27
regularlyA simple alternative to anacron2023-08-26
rtspeccyReal time spectrum analyzer (audio)2023-08-26
solarobvOpenGL solar system observer2020-09-26
vim-termpotMy Vim colorscheme2021-10-01
webdumpA "passive" pastebin that does not require a daemon on the server2024-01-27

bevelbar[DesktopEnv] X11 status bar with beveled borders2023-08-26
fiamf3[DesktopEnv] Monospace 7x15 pixel font2023-09-30
infofeld2[DesktopEnv] Create system information graphics (farbfeld) -- 2nd incarnation2023-08-26
katriawm[DesktopEnv] A non-reparenting, dynamic window manager with decorations2023-08-26
keyboard-layouts-3000[DesktopEnv] Customized keyboard layouts for X11 and the Linux VT2023-07-09
multipass[DesktopEnv] Broadcast X11 key events to multiple windows2023-08-26
nhkd[DesktopEnv] nano hot key daemon2022-01-15
swall[DesktopEnv] Simple XRandR-aware wallpaper setter2023-08-26
xiate[DesktopEnv] xiate is a terminal emulator2024-02-04
xlocatemouse[DesktopEnv] Find your X11 mouse pointer2020-05-24
xpointerbarrier[DesktopEnv] Create X11 pointer barriers around your working area2023-08-26

idasen[Hardware] Control an IKEA IDÅSEN desk2020-12-18
r-go-tools-led[Hardware] Tool to control the special LED on R-Go Tools keyboards2023-08-26
wlinfo[Hardware] Print current WiFi parameters on Linux: SSID, BSSID, signal strength, ...2019-03-31

eduterm[Experiment] A very, very basic terminal emulator2020-05-10
filesystem-experiments[Experiment] Experiments with writing filesystem drivers for Linux2018-06-08
gorilla.asm[Experiment] "Gorillas" throwing "bananas"2018-06-09
grep.asm[Experiment] A fun excercise: grep in x86-64 assembly2020-01-25

deltree[Retro] DELTREE (for DOS pre MS-DOS 6.0)2024-02-23
dusage[Retro] Sum up directory sizes (DOS, OS/2, Windows NT, ...)2024-03-24
pooliard[Retro] 2D pool billiard game for DOS2024-03-17
squayce[Retro] 3D racing game for DOS (Raycasting)2024-03-17

advent-of-code[Toy] Advent of Code2023-12-27
asciibrot[Toy] Render Mandelbrot and Julia sets in ASCII2023-05-29
asciifield[Toy] Render an ASCII starfield2023-09-01
asciiworld[Toy] Render an ASCII world map2023-12-27
birtty[Toy] Try not to crash that bird2018-06-24
countty[Toy] Countdown! Or up. In your terminal.2023-10-28
ratterplatter[Toy] Don't you miss your hard disk?2024-02-23
tuxeye2[Toy] Clone of tuXeyes, depending only on xlib2021-04-02

bw-bundles[BundleWrap] Bundles I use on my OpenBSD servers2024-02-06

xroach[Fork] [Toy] xroach from 1991 with time-based animations (no more roaches on warp speed)2020-11-14

aoi-addons[Discontinued] Scripts and Plugins for Art of Illusion2018-06-08
aoi-FluidDoc[Discontinued] German documentation for deltor's PhysicsPlugin2021-07-10
asciiplanets[Discontinued] [Toy] ASCII solar system observer2023-08-26
awesome-vain[Discontinued] Layouts and widgets for AwesomeWM2018-06-09
aziequiproj[Discontinued] [Toy] Azimuthal Equidistant Projection2021-03-07
datenstrahler[Discontinued] Display a web site (WebKit2GTK+)2020-12-06
dwm-vain[Discontinued] [Fork] dwm modified to suit my needs2018-06-09
getpw[Discontinued] Universal X11 password manager (superseded by "padme")2021-02-24
gitodo[Discontinued] A personal task manager (replaced by "be" in bin-pub)2018-06-24
GPUTracer[Discontinued] A general purpose raytracing system written in C++ and GLSL2024-02-04
GravSim[Discontinued] 2D gravity simulation2018-06-10
infofeld[Discontinued] Create system information graphics (farbfeld)2018-06-24
lariza[Discontinued] [DesktopEnv] Simple WebKit2GTK+ Browser2022-04-16
morsetools[Discontinued] ASCII to morse generator (C) and learning programs (Python, Shell)2020-01-02
Multifrac[Discontinued] Multithreaded/network fractal generator (Mandelbrot & Julia) with smooth coloring2024-02-04
NetTracer[Discontinued] A raytracer written in Java with support for distributed network-rendering2024-02-04
NetTracer-Scenes[Discontinued] Scene repository for NetTracer2018-06-08
pdfPres[Discontinued] Dual head PDF presenter: Current slide with context + current slide in fullscreen (Linux, BSD)2012-09-21
qsqs[Discontinued] [Fork] 7x15 pixel font based on sq2021-04-02
sgopherd[Discontinued] Small Gopher Server written in GNU Bash2023-08-26
slinp[Discontinued] PDF presentation tool chest2018-06-24
sn2mail[Discontinued] Converts StatusNet notices to E-Mails (basic feature set)2014-04-11
SpaceSim[Discontinued] Simple demo to illustrate rotations in space (C++/OpenGL/Linux)2024-02-04
tabbed-vain[Discontinued] [Fork] suckless tabbed modified to suit my needs2018-06-08
textios[Discontinued] Text interface to Icinga1 and Nagios22021-07-10
ttyfire[Discontinued] Quick and fscking dirty Campfire client for your TTY2013-05-04
twtxt-tools[Discontinued] Tools I used to run my twtxt.txt -- superseded by jenny2021-01-12
ubuntuusers-vim[Discontinued] Vim-Syntaxfile für Postings und Wiki-Einträge2021-07-10
xlonitor[Discontinued] X11 clone monitor2020-06-09