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Fixed the power button on my Samsung NC10


About 10 years ago, I bought a netbook: A Samsung NC10.


A couple years later, its power button broke. Well, “button”, it’s a “slide”:

2014-an_aus_knopf.png 2014-crack-highlight.jpg

I usually don’t like to rant on this blog, but … that power slide? It’s evil. This seriously looks like it’s meant to break. Even if you insist on using this particular design, you could have used metal. Even with plastic, just make it larger and more sturdy! Hmpf. Well.

Since then, I used a terrible workaround: Dental floss.

2014-floss1.jpg 2014-floss2.jpg 2014-floss3.jpg

(German blog post with more details.)

Was annoying, but it worked. And soon after, I stopped using the machine anyway. Until recently. I have a very special use case where this little guy comes in handy.

But that dental floss? Ugh! Let’s fix that.

Unlike 2014, I now own a 3D printer. After a couple of iterations, I printed a little block of plastic that works as a replacement:

iterations.jpg new-slide.jpg

It’s not perfect, of course. I could cover up that little hole. But I don’t care at the moment. I’m just glad that there’s no floss dangling from my netbook anymore.

Here’s the STL file.