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xiate gets a config.ini


xiate currently uses a config.h file. Options like your font or color scheme are configured in that file. If you want to change one of those options, you have to … recompile xiate. This follows the model of many suckless programs. There are pros and cons.



I think config.h only makes sense for programs with very few external libraries. xiate is not such a program. It uses VTE and, thus GTK and GLib. GLib comes with an INI-style parser anyway. Why not just use that?

xiate’s repo now contains a branch called ini, which contains a first implementation of that.

I’m only 80% sure if I want to go in this direction. Even if I don’t have to write my own parser and don’t have to pull in new libraries, it still means more code. Granted, it’s only about 200 lines, but still. It means more potential bugs.

– Update 2021-05-18: This has been merged into main.