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Sending bug reports and patches

There is no bug tracker. To send a bug report or a patch for one of my projects, just drop me an e-mail:

echo ed.vitamrofninu@2sgub | rev

Please be aware that the e-mail address above is not fixed and can change unannounced. This might happen if I get too much spam.

Please include the project’s name in the Subject: line. Please don’t send HTML e-mail.

Before sending a bug report, please check if the current master of the project in question contains a BUGS file. If there is one, it lists known and outstanding bugs. Any help in fixing them is appreciated.

If you’re using a “big” e-mail provider, please make sure to check your spam folder for answers. Those companies like to classify e-mail as “spam”, if it originates from small servers that they have never heard of before.

You get bonus points when sending encrypted e-mail. :-) You can find my GnuPG public key on the contact page.

Thank you!