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Project page on GitHub: https://github.com/vain/lariza

lariza is an experimental web browser and a personal playground. I implement what I need and nothing else. There’s no “safety guards” and no “great awesome wow usability” crap. It’s meant to be a fast browser that does just that: Browse the web.

To avoid reinventing the wheel, lariza uses WebKit2GTK+ as a rendering engine and suckless tabbed.

The project’s README file on GitHub is rather long and contains many details. It explains why lariza exists and why it’s named “lariza”. It also tells you one important thing:

lariza does not compete with powerful browsers like dwb or luakit, nor with monstrous applications like Firefox or Chromium. lariza won't have persistent storage, nor a plugin system, nor cloud sync, nor bookmarks.

lariza tries not to exceed 1000 lines of code.

Here’s a screenshot.

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